Modern day’s educational mode for “Day Traders” – YouTube!

YouTube has already taken the world by storm. Be it on the academic, cooking front, media, entertainment, or even trading fronts, it has practically everything you need to educate yourself in a particular topic. There’s a perfect osmotic balance between the YouTubers and the learners, where one can comfortably watch and absorb!

Watching a video and seeing someone executing the proper procedure using graphics and visual always has a deeper impression on our minds than simply reading about it. That’s why there has been an exponential growth of popularity gain of YouTube channels lately.

No matter how smooth and rapidly profitable day trading can appear, its results can range from extremely profitable to incredibly financially damaging. High-risk profile traders can produce either huge percentage returns or huge percentage losses. Thus, it has become a necessity that Day Traders should educate themselves enough to be successful in this venture and of course, YouTube is always there to rescue.

There are several YouTube channels for day traders to seek help from! Some of the trending ones are listed below.

  • Vantage Point Trading

This is a budding YouTube channel which features a lot of videos about day trading forex, swing trading stocks and forex and finding dividend stocks to invest in.

This channel focuses mostly on forex trading swing and longer-term forex trading. They also have videos regarding basic trading psychology!

This channel focuses mostly on day futures trading, with a minor focus on trading stock.

This channel is mostly for forex traders with lots of forex trading tips and recorded webinars.

  • Investopedia

These channels is quite beneficial for naïve day traders which has several introductory series of short videos on getting started in trading, as well as lots of interviews with traders, along with live trading classes. They even have videos that would enhance the trading vocabs!



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Just buying and selling are not enough to make someone a Day Trader. Knowledge about trading platforms and several research tools have become a necessity to remain a part of this field. There are several YouTube channels that help a trader to get acquainted with these trading platforms.

NinjaTrader Ecosystem, Stockfetcher, TD Ameritrade, Sterling Trader INC are some of those channels that are worth mentioning. They provide a lot of useful guiding tutorials.

Exposure to YouTube learning diversifies the knowledge immensely and not only that, it makes the learning process more interactive.

But blindly copying their measures and execution is not always advisable. A smart trader must do his/her background research and must have enough theoretical ideas, to pitch in their very own perspective, when required.